Guide to free stuff (Xbox360, PS3, PSP, iPod, iPhone, Wii etc.) WORLDWIDE!

Hello everybody!
This is my guide for you on how to get latest stuff like Xbox360, PS3, Wii and even iPhone 3GS for free! That's right, you can get all this free stuff worldwide by doing almost nothing!

Full list of prizes here.

You have probably already heard of sites that gives you free stuff, but many of those sites are usually very limited, for example:

  • United States or Canada only.
  • Only one prize per household.
  • Leftover points are useless.
  • You cannot change your gift.
BUT this site is nothing like that at all! Its completely worldwide with free shipping. You can have as many prizes per household as you want. If you have more points than enough for your prize you can select another prize and transfer your leftover points to it! And you can change your gift any time you want!

Your probably thinking "How can this guy be so sure?!" and "Have you received any prize yourself?".
Yes, i have received a gift. My first thoughts were the same when i found about this site. I wasn't sure if it is working at all, i tough its a scam. I can tell you that resisting from trying is your biggest enemy(That's why there is people who tell you that sites like this are bullshit and scam, its simply because they doesn't try and are too lazy to try it). When i understood that, I gave it a try, and understood that its really working!
I found a way how to get my PSP for only 1Euro(As i don't live anywhere near US and Canada), that's right! just 1Euro for brand new PSP, even shipping was free! And now I'm sharing my method to you!

If your still unsure if you can believe me or not, check out this image, its my testionomy of received PSP!

free stuff worldwide

As you see, the paper is containing this web address so you know that it is legit.

You are probably wondering "Why does this site give stuff for free?!". Well they are receiving commissions from offers you are doing, because offer provider gets new clients. So its a win/win/win situation - You get your free stuff, site gets money and offer provider gets new clients! That's how they can afford to give away free stuff.

OK, time for the guide!

1. Register HERE

Once you have entered site, you have to click "SIGN UP" in upper right corner(as shown in picture)

free stuff worldwide

It will lead you to registration form, you must use your correct details!

free stuff worldwide

Put 91748028 in "Referral ID" if you don't have it there already.
You must be thinking "Why should i put this Referral ID there?!". Well you don't have to worry, its not going to do any harm at all. Its my referral ID! Why should you use mine? Why not! leaving that field empty anyway will give you referral from someone you don't event know, someone who has bought Clix package and you are receiving nothing for that... so please leave my ID(91748028) there, at least for guide i have provided!

2. Activate your account!

You will now have to activate your account by doing one free(1Euro if International) offer!

For International users

1. Go to offers page and click "Entertainment"
2. Search for offer named "UseNext"
3. Click on "MORE INFO"
4. Scroll to the bottom, click and read their "Tracking Checklist section"
6. It will take you to UseNext site, click on the "Get your RISK-FREE 14 DAY trial" as shown on picture above.

free stuff worldwide

7.Register using your real details! enter you CC or PayPal information, it will charge 1Euro.
8.Wait till you are credited, by that time you can use services provided in trial, you can download many songs, movies, games etc! You shouldn't worry if you are not credited in first day or even first five. They credited me as they promised "within 7days", in 7th day.
9.When credit is received you must go back to UseNext site, log in and click Cancellation, of course if you like the service provided by UseNext you can stay as their monthly subscriber, but it will charge you more money.

For US users

1. Go to offers page and click "Entertainment"
2. Search for offer named "Game Fly"
3. Click on "MORE INFO"
4. Scroll to the bottom, click and read their "Tracking Checklist section"
6. It will take you to Game Fly site
7. Register using your real information!
8.Wait till you are credited, by that time you can use services provided in Game Fly trial. You shouldn't worry if you are not credited in first day or even first five. They credited me as they promised "within 7days", in 7Th day.
9. When you receive your credit you have to return to Game Fly website and cancel your trial. Or if you like their services you can subscribe for Game Fly's standard service!

Now when you account is activated all you have to do is...

3. Refer people!

Now its time for you to refer people! By referring them you gain one credit for each activated account. You may think that 1credit is not much, but collecting them is very easy!

1. Tell you family and friends about this site and tell them to signup under you referral link(you can find it in "my account")

If you are still short of necessary credits then...

2. Join gaming forums, put referral banner in your signature and simply post on threads, people will see your banner and will join!

3. Make a video about your free stuff(including link to your referral) and put it on sites like youtube, dailymotion etc.

List of video uploading sites.

4. Write articles like this and put them on article sites like digg, ezine etc. (You can use automated article submission programs or services!) Your acticles will be viewed by thousands of people every day!

List of article submission sites.

5. Join social networks such as twitter, facebook, myspace etc. and promote your referral link there!

List of social networking sites.

When you have done all of this you are guaranteed to get your free gift!
But if you are still lacking you credits(i doubt it) you can do more cheap offers, like some offers gives you 4credits for just $5-$10, you just have to search for them. And of course you can buy their Clix package to gain referrals.

That's it! you are now ready to sign up, follow my guide and receive your free gift!
So what are you waiting for?


Full list of offered prizes:

Gaming consoles.

Xbox 360 Elite - 23 credits
Xbox 360 Premium Edition - 17 credits
Xbox 360 Arcade - 13 credits
Xbox 360 Game Pack(3 games of choice) - 12 credits
Playstation 3 80GB - 30 credits
PSP Black Slim & Lite Base - 13 credits
PSP White Slim & Lite Base - 13 credits
Playstation 3 game pack(3 games of choice) - 12 credits
PSP game pack(3games of choice) - 10 credits
Nintendo Wii - 19 credits
Nintendo DSi - 14 credits
Nintendo DS Light Pink - 11 credits
Nintendo Wii game pack(3 games of choice) - 12 credits
Nintendo DS Light game pack(3 games of choice) - 10 credits

Mobile Phones.

iPhone 3G 8GB - 32 credits
iPhone 3GS 16GB - 43 credits
Blackberry Pearl series - 23 credits
Blackberry 8900 Curve servies - 33 credits
Blackberry Bold 9000 series - 35 credits
Blackberry Pearlp Flip 8220 series - 24 credits
Motorola KRZR K1 - 13 credits
Motorola RAZR V3i - 18 credits
Nokia N96 - 39 credits
Nokia 5800 - 23 credits
Nokia 8600 - 40 credits
Nokia N81 8GB - 28 credits
Nokia N95 8GB - 32 credits
Nokia N73 - 18 credits
Nokia N76 - 31 credits
Nokia N82 - 37 credits
Nokia N80 - 25 credits
Nokia 6500 Classic - 16 credits
Nokia 7373 - 12 credits
Nokia E61i - 23 credits
LG Viewty KU990 - 17 credits
LG Shine - 13 credits
LG Prada - 22 credits
LG KG800 - 12 credits
Samsung Tocco Ultra - 32 credits
Samsung i900 Omnia 8GB - 33 credits
Samsung i900 Omnia 16GB - 37 credits
Samsung F480 Tocco - 23 credits
Samsung U900 Soul -22 credits
Samsung G600 - 19 credits
Samsung U600 - 14 credits
Sony Ericsson C905 - 32 credits
Sony Ericsson C902 - 22 credits
Sony Ericsson W960i - 35 credits
Sony Ericsson K850i - 25 credits
Sony Ericsson W880i - 16 credits
Sony Ericsson W910i -20 credits
Sony Ericsson W380i - 14 credits
Sony Ericsson K800i - 13 credits

MP3 Players.

Apple iPod Nano 8GB - 11 credits
Apple iPod Nano 16Gb - 15credits
Apple iPod Classic 120GB - 18 credits
Apple iPod Touch 8GB - 17 credits
Apple iPod Touch 16Gb - 22 credits
Apple iPod Touch 32GB - 29 credits
Sony Walkman X Series 16GB - 19 credits
Sony Walkman X Series 32GB - 25 credits
Sony Walkman 20GB - 18 credits
Creative ZEN 16GB - 11 credits
Creative ZEN X-Fi 16GB with Wireless LAN - 13 credits
Samsung YP Z5 - 15 credits


Samsung 19 inch HD Ready LCD HDTV - 19 credits
Samsung 22 inch HD Ready LCD HDTV - 30 credits
Samsung 32 inch Full HD 1080p HDTV - 50 credits
Samsung 40 inch Full HD 1080p HDTV - 65 credits
Sony 20 inch HD Ready HDTV - 29 credits
Sony 26 inch HD Ready HDTV - 35 credits
Sony 32 inch HD Ready HDTV - 40 credits

Thats it, your ready to get your own free stuff worldwide! Feel free to mail your questions to worldwidefreestuff[at]